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The Top 25 Most Magical Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

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unicorn birthday party ideas

Are you throwing a unicorn-themed birthday party? What could be more mystical and magical than this! It doesn't matter for whom you're throwing a party; an adult or a little one. It will definitely be a crowd-pleaser to have those surrounding bright colors and enchanting ambiance!

To make your unicorn-themed bash a success, you need to get various ideas to nail down a few staples, such as a compelling décor and delicious unicorn-themed treats and cake.

We'll help you discover some amazing ideas for birthday cake, doughnuts, popsicles, pops, etc. We'll also throw you some ideas related to unicorn-themed invitations, props, cutlery, cocktail recipes, etc.

This is going to be a magical rollercoaster read! Let's jump right into it.

1. Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party Invitation

You can't have a birthday bash without inviting guests.

Your invitations must also be unicorn-themed to let guests know that it's going to be a fantastic experience.

You can create simple or vibrant unicorn invites. Rainbows, unicorns, and birthdays are such a beautiful combo that would let the guests have vibrant and fun unicorn party invites.

Also, don't forget to save yourself a copy of that invitation for your family scrapbook!

Unicorn-Themed Cute Party Food Ideas

The unicorn party menu should perfectly match with your theme. Your food and deserts should be colorful and, at the same time, delicious!

Let's check out some fantastic ideas for preparing unicorn-themed foods that no one could put their eyes and hands-off!

2. Unicorn Shaped Cookies

These cookies are pretty simple to prepare. With the help of a unicorn cookie cut out, you can bake delicious cookies all in unicorn-shaped. You then have to beautify it according to the theme with white frosting, rainbow candy, and pearl sprinkles all over it, and yes, the rainbow cookies are all ready!

3. Magic Unicorn Cupcakes

Though simple, yet magical, unicorn cupcakes are made quite easily with colorful frosting and candy details for its horn and pearl sprinkle over it! They are almost too pretty to be eaten!

4. Marble Cupcake

The marble cupcakes are gorgeously colorful from the outside, but the real fun is when you cut it to see the inside.

You'll see such a pretty presentation of four different colors correctly putting up your unicorn theme.

Well, here's the good news; it doesn't require any labor for its preparation; you can prepare it all by yourself. Check out this easy method for creating marvelous marble cupcakes.

5. Rainbow Colored Macaroons

For the dessert table, rainbow macaroons are a perfect fit for the unicorn theme. They give an overall sophisticated look on the table. These macaroons will be incomplete, with plenty of rainbow sprinkles over it.

6. Unicorn Popcorn

Unicorn popcorn is such a crowd-pleasing and trendy party treat. You can make it quicker by store-bought popcorn and melting in the pink and blue candy that creates such a compelling pastel look. You want to know exactly how? Check out this!

7. Rainbow Unicorn Dip

Just imagine this rainbow-swirled dip similar to cheesecake in a bowl, and you serve it with fruit, graham crackers, or some other dip-worthy snack. How cool it will be, don't you think? And yes, this would be perfect to attract kids in the party prep. You may have the recipe here!

8. Unicorn Milkshakes

What’s more fascinating than a unicorn milkshake? You can easily turn a classic strawberry milkshake into a magical unicorn one using lots of whipped cream, sugar candy, and edible confetti as a topping.

9. Magical Unicorn Donuts

Have you ever heard a party without donuts? I guess not! Here we are talking about magical unicorn donuts that too are relatively easy to make. Just buy donuts and then decorate it with cute frosting and sprinkle candy over it, and it's ready!

10. Unicorn Cake

Cake undoubtedly is the center of attention for your party. And for a unicorn themed party, the cake must be spectacular to fit the event. You may order a customized unicorn cake or may even try it yourself. Some simple piping, fondant, frosting, chocolate-coated cone for its horn can make up a simple cake into a spectacular unicorn cake.

11. Unicorn Cake Pops

For a unicorn birthday party with younger children, simple one-bite treats are ideal. For the details, according to the unicorn theme, you can either use scratch or may even buy a kit before time to make these cake pops for your unicorn party highlight.  

Unicorn-Themed Birthday Décor Ideas

Décor is the core of a birthday party, and when it comes to a unicorn birthday party, then the expectations automatically gets high. Let's look into the unicorn décor ideas!

12. Unicorn Balloons

Unicorn balloons are quite easy to prepare; you just need to be a little creative. You can transform a simple white balloon into some magical balloons. And what do you need exactly? Regular construction paper, tape, and foil are all you need. With these, you can easily create floating unicorn balloons.

13. Rainbow Tassel Garland

Your unicorn birthday party would be incomplete without rainbow colored tassel garlands. These colorful streamers are the ones to bring your unicorn party to life!

14. Unicorn Piñata

The unicorn piñata is a must piece for the unicorn-themed birthday party. You can easily buy it from Amazon. Fill it with glitters, candy, and other various magical surprises.  

15. Glittering Tablecloth And An Eye-Catching Backdrop

This is the place where all eyes are stuck, the photo-ready setup that best fits your unicorn theme. It should be colorful and mesmerizing enough to make your bash a perfect memory.

16. Unicorn Centerpiece

Flowers always work best to make your birthday party elegant, but they could be expensive for you. But yes, there are many white flowers that will perfectly fit your unicorn theme party and also won’t break your bank.

Hydrangeas are one such gorgeous flower that is large enough, so you need not buy many of them. Carnations are pretty pale in color that will perfectly go with the theme, and yes, they are the most inexpensive flowers you can use as a unicorn centerpiece.

17. DIY Glitter Cups

Try these DIY glitter cups when putting details to your unicorn party décor. They are really inexpensive yet are perfect for adding glamour to your unicorn birthday party. They are such a compelling piece of décor that you’ll hear people saying that they can’t get over those glitter cups for sure! You can check out the method of preparing these DIY glitter cups here!

18. Unicorn Utensils Holder

Of course, you'll keep your utensils somewhere, so why not add some real charisma to the party? The unicorn mason jars are easily DIY-able. If you aren't in a mood of DIY, then you can buy these as well.

19. Unicorn Dream Catchers

These are not difficult to make and will be awesome for your unicorn-themed party. They will do perfectly well for the entertainment as well as the party favor.

20. Magical Unicorn Props

These props are a thing for children; they really love it. You can them more colorful using rainbow strings.

21. Unicorn Headband

For a unicorn birthday party of children, unicorn headbands are undoubtedly a great party favor. Other than amusing the children, it serves them a purpose. Your child can wear it on any suitable event henceforth as well.

Unicorn Party Entertainments

A unicorn party with children definitely requires entertainment. And so here are some ideas to get them engaged and have fun!

22. Unicorn Caps

Again for children's unicorn birthday party, coloring craft is perfect. Kids can color them, and then wear it. Don't you think it will amuse them? Of course, it will!

23. Rainbow Slime

Slime! Oh, it is something I too am obsessed with, then why wouldn't children? Children love slime, and what's bad in putting up some glittery colorful slime that perfectly fits the unicorn-themed party in addition to a fun package for children.

24. Rainbow Party Favors

You won't send your guests empty-handed from the party, right? Well, send them home with magical memories from your party. You can pack rainbow sticks with gift tags that read 'thank you for your presence and making it magical.' This will leave a smile on their face and would be a perfect unicorn treat for them. 

25. Princess Unicorn Pins

Children usually love pins; these unicorn pins would be perfect for your child's unicorn squad and goes well for a party favor. You can also attach these to their take-home goodie bags.


By now, you must have so many exciting ideas for putting together a magical unicorn birthday party.

The key takeaway is that everything can be utterly awesome if you have a creative mind.

The main areas to focus for the unicorn birthday party are the unicorn-themed décor, with glittering table cloth and an incredible backdrop for a perfect picture spot. Not to forget the unicorn balloons and rainbow tassel garlands to give the décor its ideal glamour.

How could we forget the unicorn-themed food that hits perfectly to give the party tables its deserving enchantment? The rainbow donuts, magical rainbow milkshake, unicorn, and marble cupcakes, rainbow macaroons, and last but not least, the center of attention, the unicorn cake!

Such a magical unicorn birthday party will be memorable not only for you but also for the party guest. Leave them a memory of their presence with a take-home party favor.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your unicorn-themed birthday party now!

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