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Who We Are

We are a family-owned and operated small business based in Houston, TX. Three of us founded TUR Party Supplies back when we were ambitious high school students looking to create something fun together. Now, five years later, our business has grown into a team of five individuals determined to help others make the most of their celebrations.

Our Story

The seed for our business was planted when we wanted to bring back a yearly community get-together from our childhood.

For some reason, this event had fallen by the way side for a few years. Missing the memories we made at those get-togethers as kids motivated us to plan it again for ourselves.

The event turned out to be a huge challenge but the final result was better than we could have imagined. Positive feedback poured in; everyone appreciated our initiative to rekindle the event. People were already looking forward to the next year. We realized this wasn’t just the first time the three of us worked together, but the first time we built something from the ground up. Moreover, we learned that we love helping people come together.

With this positive reinforcement, we knew we were a solid team. We decided to start our first business venture together, and that’s how TUR Party Supplies came to be. Months of product research and development finally led us to our star product: confetti cannons. In the meantime, while taking this business off the ground, each of us continued our education as full-time college students. Slowly, we added new variations of our confetti cannons including gender reveal and wedding cannons.

Today, we are focused on growing our business while pursuing our passion of helping others. Two of us are currently full-time medical students, while the other is part of a non-profit organization. Overall, the love and support we receive from our customers is what drives us to continue our efforts to ultimately foster a happier community.

Our Mission

To help families and communities celebrate their most important milestones in a way that cultivates excitement and joy.