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These are super fun for any party.  The confetti shakes out nicely and they are very festive.  There is A LOT of confetti in these things! Overall, I love them!

BEST PURCHASE OF THE YEAR. I had a NYE party and all my guest had a great time popping these off at midnight! A must have for NYE party. Warning, they are powerful confetti’s poppers that will leave confetti remnants for months to come.

10/10 Recommend. My niece graduated from pre-k last week and we wanted to do something special for her. These cannons provided plentiful of confetti and was easy to use. Plus, it is was valuable.

These were super fun to use! The cleanup process was super easy and the poppers themselves were easy to use. The confetti had an awesome shine to them as well! Will definitely purchase again in the future for any occasion!

I used this product for a drive-by graduation parade. It was such a great surprise to see the graduate's smiling face when she saw all the vibrant confetti colors pop into the air. I would definitely buy this product again.

These were a lot of fun. My granddaughter could not have a normal graduation so we used these when she returned home from a school car parade for graduates. She loved it and so did all of us who set them off. 

Loved these! We used these for our roaring 20's wedding! They were easy to use.

These confetti cannons are a lot of fun! We used three of them for my daughter's birthday party and they worked great. You just point it away, twist, and it pops confetti string all over. I've bought other ones at the store that have the little papery confetti and those are a pain to clean up. These were much easier and the rake was actually able to pull them up.

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