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Gender Reveal Cannons - Roulette Game Powder & Confetti Kit


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  • 12" Gender Reveal Cannons
  • Fun, bright, & vivid colors
  • Launch up to 15-25 ft high
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Includes six stickers + one 6-sided die

A Unique Way To Celebrate Your Gender Reveal!

Our Gender Reveal cannons kit is the most exciting way to introduce your new baby! Each roulette kit includes 1 Blue, 1 Pink, and 4 White Mystery Cannons. Our powder is made from a top-quality nontoxic cornstarch base and our confetti is completely biodegradable making these cannons safe to use outdoors. 


gender reveal confetti powder cannons baby boy blue

Twist. Pop. Celebrate!

Just a simple twist at the very bottom part of the confetti popper releases a beautiful display of blue or pink powder and confetti. Each cannon is built of a durable tube that is PACKED full of color for an exciting pop that flies up super high! The best part is that they are powered completely by compressed air and non-pyrotechnic, making them much safer than other options.  


gender reveal powder confetti poppers pink baby girl 

Capture Lasting Memories

Our dazzling colors make for the most beautiful celebration pictures. Whether you’re planning a small and intimate event or a huge reveal with all your friends and family, we’ve got the perfect cannons to make sure you can capture the perfect photographs and have memories to cherish for years to come!


gender reveal confetti powder poppers family pink baby girl

Our Innovative Design! No Unexpected Surprises

Traditional gender reveal cannons use stickers on the bottom to indicate the contents. However, if the sticker is wrong, this can be a huge problem! We worked hard to find a solution to ensure our customers didn’t have to deal with that sort of confusion. Our redesigned the cannons allow you or the keeper of the gender to decisively check the contents beforehand!

1. Look through the top!

When your gender reveal poppers arrive, each pack will include 3 blue and 3 pink. You’ll be able to confirm the colors by looking through our innovative transparent tops.

2. Keep the Secret Safe

Provide the unlabeled cannons alongside the stickers to the keeper of the gender. They can set the extra aside (cover those too, in case anyone sees the extras!) and cover the cannons to be used on the big day! Everyone will be in total surprise on the day of the reveal.

3. Ready to POP

Now that the stickers are on, all you need to do is twist, pop, and celebrate the gender reveal! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!


gender reveal baby shower

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Providing top quality products and top-notch customer service is our #1 priority. Every order includes a full team dedicated to your satisfaction! Here at TUR Party Supplies, we are passionate about helping our customers celebrate their special moments. We want to make sure your gender reveal celebration is amazing. Your party deserves the very best! If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, contact us and we will provide a full refund. Buy with confidence knowing that you’ve got the best cannons backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee.

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