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Purple Confetti Cannon Confetti Poppers | Biodegradable 2 Pack


About this item

  • 🎉 WHAT'S INSIDE - Each box has two (2) 12 inch confetti cannons filled with Purple biodegradable confetti. Absolutely perfect for Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Mother's Day, Holidays, any celebration!
  • 🌱 BIODEGRADABLE - These party poppers are biodegradable which means... No mess no stress! Plan a delightful outdoor party with these poppers without the hassle of worrying about cleaning up party confetti!
  • 🚀 EASY TO USE AIR POWER! Powered by compressed air, simply twist at the very bottom part of the confetti cannon to release a beautiful display of colorful confetti.
  • 🏡 SAFE FOR THE FAMILY. These biodegradable poppers have been tested meticulously to make sure that there are no mishaps or issues. Just give each confetti popper a hard twist and let the magic happen!
  • 📸 BEAUTIFUL PICTURES - Confetti is an amazing prop for photoshoots. The confetti showering the picture makes a great memory and will keep all the faces in the picture smiling!
  • ❓HOW MANY TO BUY: Each confetti popper is filled to the brim with colorful confetti. For confetti poppers, the more the merrier! A simple rule of thumb, everyone likes popping poppers! For small surprises a few poppers is good. For small get-togethers, the 6-10 poppers are fun! For larger parties, go with more!
  • ❤️ A Company that Cares: TUR Party Supplies company was built upon the principle of making moments special. Our goal is to leave our customers with a moment that can be cherished for years. If there is anything we can do to help you celebrate your special moment, please let us know!

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