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[Full Guide] How to Throw the Best Surprise Birthday Party

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[Full Guide] How to Throw the Best Surprise Birthday Party

Birthdays celebrations are constantly happening year-round, but every once in a while its nice to plan a surprise birthday party for a special someone.

Planning the perfect surprise birthday can be a bit more tricky than planning a non-surprise party, especially when the person your trying to surprise is really clever and tough to surprise! 

That’s why we’ve put together some key steps to follow in order to make sure the birthday surprise you have planned goes smoothly. Now lets get planning!  

First, Whose Birthday Is It?

Of course, your planning and party type will depend on whose birthday you are celebrating. 

Is the birthday party being arranged for an adult or someone young?

This is especially important to know because both age groups have vastly different preferences.

For example: you wouldn't want to pick loud party favors with bold and bright colors for someone who likes to celebrate more quietly. 

Next, Decide a Theme For Your Surprise Party

Let’s be honest, every birthday party needs a theme! Come up with a theme that’s preferred by the one being honored with the birthday bash.

It could be a Roaring 20’s theme for a person turning 20, or a Masquerade Ball theme for someone who loves drama and romance.

And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! An ecstatic theme can create an ecstatic night! Checkout this AMAZING list of 51 Party Ideas that Party Planners thought of to get your juices flowing for some awesome theme ideas.

Choose a Venue 

Like everything else, the right venue depends on your group's personal preference.

Some might opt for large gatherings, which might become difficult to accommodate at home; hence another place other than home may be required.

Small intimate parties can be catered in a backyard or even in a living room if you prefer indoors. The choice is truly yours!

Decoration That Goes Well With the Theme 

Decorations can definitely make a dull, boring event come to life. More so, they play a part in conveying the theme of the party. However, be mindful of staying within your budget, as party decor can be simple and sweet to seriously extravagant. 


What’s a birthday without balloons? Customized balloons can be ordered to give a special touch to the phenomenon. 

Balloon garlands / arches are another amazing idea to add a big splash of color to your event. These are super fun & easy to setup with friends as well. Alternatively, you can hire professionals to bring any of your balloon dreams to life!


They can be a great add on to the backdrop. Gas-filled balloons can be left upon the celling while tied up with long ribbons with a card attached at the end. The card can have a message from you to the birthday girl/boy.

Photo frame 

A pictures loaded board can help bring back the memories you are fond of. This will help make the birthday party more personalized, and you will have loads of memories to relive through the pictures.

Drink stand

Put all the preferable drinks in customized glasses to go with the theme. This gives an extra special touch and would add a nice spot to the party.

Gift table

Everyone comes at the birthday party bearing gift. Use that as an excuse to add more decorated corners to the venue. A small squared table with glitter sheets and a nice ornament would serve the purpose.

These, along with many other things such as candles, party hats, and decoration pieces, tell that proper attention is given to the little details as well.

Food to Be Served

As much as it’s easy to consume, it’s challenging to think of the right choice about which type of food be served on occasions, especially like a birthday party.

Finger-food or one bite appetizers come in handy on such events. But you know what, they aren’t very fulfilling. If it’s a long day with lots of activities, then consider the option of full course meals.

The Highlight of the Event: Cake!

Have you ever heard of a birthday party without a cake?

We bet you didn't.

The presence of the cake at the party is essential; hence it shouldn't be left as a last-minute chore. Themed or planned birthdays have a proper customized cake to go well with the ambiance.

Make sure to order the cake early so there's sufficient time to customize it or make any revisions necessary with the bakery.

Photographer and Photo Booth

Hang in there. No doubt, this list is becoming getting a little long, but you need to be sure that everything goes well.

The photo booth provides an excellent background for the pictures. And the photographer is required in order to capture all the efforts you have made for a surprise birthday bash for a friend or family member.

For really magical pictures, use props like confetti cannons or confetti poppers. Wondering how to use confetti cannon for pictures to turn out good? Read our full guide with 7 PRO tips on How to Use a Confetti Cannon

Fun Games for All

Plan out some fun activities!

Parties like these might become boring at some point. Which you certainly don’t want, especially after spending a huge sum of money on the whole arrangement.

Games that involve everyone coming to the function to keep them engaged. This can include playing musical chairs, scavenger hunt, or dumb charades.

Invite the Guests

Now that everything is in place, send out the invites.

Definitely don’t leave it to the last minute; try to invite everyone personally so they can plan their schedules ahead of time. 

And don't forget to tell them to KEEP THE PARTY A SECRET!

Time for the Surprise!

Finally, it's time to surprise the special someone you've put in all this work for. 

Keep in mind to bring the person with the blindfold on till the entrance so they don’t have any idea, and surprise actually brings the excitement on their face.

Once they take off the blindfold bombard them with confetti cannons!

The look on their face will be worth all the effort you have made. Well, that's what confetti cannons are for. No matter if you are a kid or an adult, everybody loves being showered with love, joy, and confetti!  

Are you deciding to throw a nice surprise birthday party?

Let us know your fun ideas down below! 

What party tips/tricks would you like to see next? Comment below!

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