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How to Use a Confetti Cannon [Step-by-Step] Plus 7 Expert Tips

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how to use a confetti cannon

Wondering how to make the best use of your handheld confetti cannons at your next celebration?

Here we outline the basic instructions on how to use a confetti cannon plus 7 helpful tips to make sure you are ready to knock the socks off your guests and have an amazing blast.

By the end of this post, you'll be a complete confetti cannon expert!

The Basics

Step 1: Safety First

First, make sure to hold the cannon with the top pointing up! There should be an upwards arrow that indicates which side is the top. The twisting portion is always on the bottom! Next, make sure to stand a safe distance from other people and objects. Confetti cannons pop with power so it's important to keep safety in mind. Never aim confetti poppers at another person or animal. 

how to use a confetti cannon

Step 2: Get Ready

With your twisting hand grasp the bottom portion of the cannon, specifically the bottom 2-3 inches. With the opposite hand, hold on to the top portion of the cannon. We also recommend making sure that the bottom of the cannon is not pointed towards your body, in case the recoil force catches you by surprise, so its best to hold them straight up or to the side.

how to use a confetti cannon

Step 3: Twist

Once you are ready to pop, firmly twist the bottom of the confetti popper as depicted by the arrow. You might have to twist with a bit of force, but it should twist smoothly. Be prepared for a loud pop! It might catch you by surprise how powerful they are.

how to use a confetti cannon

Step 4: Celebrate

Finally, enjoy the confetti and celebrate with your friends and family! And don't forget to take lots of pictures! By now you should be a confetti cannon pro, ready to use them at any occasion.

how to use a confetti cannon

    7 Bonus Tips To Make the Most of Your Cannons

    #1 Up, Up, and Away! Aim Your Confetti Cannons High

    There's no question that confetti cannons and photography go hand-in-hand.

    So in order to capture the best pictures, aim the handheld confetti cannons as high as you possible. 

    This way, gravity will be on your side and provide you with the maximum amount of time to capture the perfect pictures.

    How does that work? Basically, the higher the confetti flies, the longer it will take to float down, providing the best overall effect.  

    This is why we make sure to use light weight, slow-falling confetti in our cannons, allowing photographers to capture the moment in its full glory!

    #2 Use the Environment to Your Advantage

    Since confetti is super lightweight, it blows in the same direction as the wind! 

    Even a slight breeze can carry the confetti in one direction or the other. 

    So for the best results, position the cannon in a way that aligns the pop of confetti with the direction of the wind

    This way the wind will actually "boost" the effect of the cannon and the confetti won't have to struggle to fly against the air current. 

    However, judging the wind and making sure the big pop is picture perfect may be tricky on the whim. 

    That's why we offer packs of 6 and 12 so you can try a few before the big celebration.

    Another fail-safe solution to capture the perfect picture...get more confetti than you need.

    An abundance of confetti will mitigate the effects of wind!

    #3 Pick the Right Confetti Colors and Confetti Type

    types and colors of confetti for confetti poppers

    Choose colors that match the mood of the occasion. 

    Additionally, consider picking a color that will provide a nice contrast with your party theme or backdrop.

    This will really help the confetti stand out. 

    Bright colors and multi-colored confetti is perfect for fun occasions like birthdays.

    For graduations and weddings, golden and silver give a royal and elegant experience.

    Dark blue, red, and silver or gold are perfect for Independence Day and New Year's Eve!

    Our shiny metallic colored confetti reflects light and allows it to be seen from far away against a variety of backgrounds!

    For outdoor celebrations, its also important to consider whether or not the confetti is biodegradable. 

    Biodegradable confetti cannons are perfect for celebrations outside since even if you miss a few pieces during cleanup you can be sure they wont harm the environment!

    Confetti streamer cannons are another great choice since they don’t make as much of a mess and can be picked up super easily after use. 

    #4 Twist It Like You Mean It

    The timing of the pop is everything so pay attention to this section.

    Everyone wants to be able to pop in sync!

    This is especially important if you are taking pictures and videos.

    Or if you're trying to surprise someone whose coming in to a surprise party.

    The canister that needs to be twisted is at the very bottom of the cannon, so make sure you twist it from there!

    Double check to make sure you are twisting it in the right direction and with a bit of force!

    Most confetti cannons are marked with an arrow that makes it easy to know which side is up. 

    And one more thing...expect a loud pop!

    #5 Size Matters 

    confetti cannon sizes small medium large

    Why, of course size matters!

    In a bigger space, a bigger cannon means higher range and more confetti, which is best for the outdoors.

    A smaller space warrants smaller cannons with less range and less confetti.

    For most occasions, 12 inch cannons are just right—very powerful but still easy to operate for both kids and adults. 

    Another thing to consider is the power. 

    Bigger confetti poppers have more air power packed inside and make more noise, so it may be too powerful for a small space, especially a garage or somewhere with a lot of echo. 

    But in really large outdoor spaces, wedding halls, or stadiums, the amazing pops of the larger sized cannons really leave a stand-out impression with beautiful confetti effects. 

    In either case, we will be offering a range of sizes, coming soon!

    #6 More Is Definitely Better


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    Customers often ask us exactly how many cannons to get for their event, and the truth is that it's a tough question to answer! Here's a great video showing a close-knit birthday party with 5 cannons fired all at once!

    For some, a small set of 2 or 4 might be enough, but for surprise birthdays, large graduation events, or huge gender reveals its really the more the merrier!

    If you need them for a wedding or party, then guests are always very happy to get involved and help let them off—it all adds to the fun!

    On a practical note, it's better to have more than less, especially if its your first time using confetti cannons.

    Like mentioned earlier, you want to be able to test a few cannons so you know what to expect during the big celebration. 

    Getting more cannons allows you to try a few out and prep yourself so you can capture the perfect picture during the real thing.

    #7 Use Them as a Surprise! 

    One of the best applications for confetti poppers is in surprise celebrations like birthdays and wedding engagements.

    The loud pop and marvelous shower of confetti perfectly complements the shout of "SURPRISE"!

    Gender reveal surprises are all the craze right now and we have designed the perfect confetti and powder cannons to make sure the gender is a surprise until the big baby reveal.  

    Whatever the occasion, confetti cannons serve as an easy way to elevate the party decor and get everyone into the party mood!

    Found these tips helpful? What party tips/tricks would you like to see next? Comment below!

    Also, we'd love for you to share these tips with your friends for your next confetti cannon filled event. 

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